1. Your rent is payable in advance on the 1st business day of each month, with a minimum rental period of one calendar month. Your deposit will be refunded provided there is no damage to our property and your final account is paid. We will have a lien over the goods stored and may dispose of your stored property if your account is not paid up in full at any time. If you fail to pay rental due ZEE Storage will take possession of the unit(s) after one month by opening any locks and replacing with ZEE Storage locks. At our discretion, a late payment fee of R250 per month is applicable for every month of unpaid rent. Two months after non-payment we will be entitled to enter your unit to seize any items found therein and to dispose of the items in settlement of arrears rentals, damages and all our costs in connection with recovering our rent. You will be liable for any legal costs, including collection charges, waste disposal, and damage and cleaning fees.  Please note ZEE Storage is not obligated to send tax invoices.
  2. You warrant that you are the lawful owner/ possessor of all the property stored at ZEE Storage. You declare and fully indemnify ZEE Storage against any claims.
  3. You and ZEE Storage may terminate our rental understanding at any time, by giving one calendar months’ notice. It is your responsibility to notify ZEE Storage in writing of any changes to your contact details.
  4. All goods must be removed after the rental termination; the costs to remove any of your goods remain your responsibility. You may not give away or donate unwanted or other goods to any ZEE Storage employee under any circumstances whatsoever
  5. While we make every effort to keep your goods safe and secure, please arrange you own insurance cover, while we only cover a maximum of R50 000, and only if you have complied with our conditions of insurance – available on request, it is your responsibility to insure all your goods for all risks, the cost hereof is yours, additional to any excesses. Please ensure that your insurance company has been notified that your goods are in storage with us.
  6. You specifically acknowledge that ZEE Storage has adequate security and that all goods are stored at your risk. You retain the keys to your store / unit and have sole access.
  7. Your store may only be used for storage purposes. Under no circumstances may it be used for the storage of anything that constitute a fire hazard, explosives, live animals, fresh food, stolen goods, banned or hazardous substances. We reserve the right to terminate this contract and remove any goods, stock or other items stored listed here, if you do not after we have requested you to, at your expense. You may not run a hobby, band, or business operation from your unit.

    If we deem it necessary to inspect our unit where we suspect that you have stored the items mentioned above, we will contact you to allow us to inspect our unit. If we cannot reach you after making reasonable attempts to, we may open our unit to inspect it, we will replace your locks at our cost if we find that all is in order. We may remove any items that are not desirable to us at your cost. ZEE Storage may also gain access if required to do so by the Police, Fire Services or Court Order.

  8. You use the premises and facilities, inclusive of, but not limited to equipment, doors, gates, machinery, ladders, roads, and floor surfaces at your own risk.
  9. You may access your unit at any time during normal business hours’ subject to rental payments being up to date. The business hours are from 8:30 – 17:00 on weekdays (14:00 on Fridays) and 9:00 – 12:00 on Saturdays.
  10. On early termination of your rental contract full monthly rates will apply retrospectively. If your rental term expires, the rental contract as it is here will continue. We reserve the right to increase or decrease our rental rates after giving one calendar months’ notice.
  11. You hereby acknowledge that ZEE Storage may do credit checks on you/the business and hereby agrees and consents to such credit checks.
  12. I/We, the undersigned, do hereby bind myself /ourselves jointly and severally as surely / sureties for and on behalf of the coprincipal debtor / debtors in solidum for the full amount outstanding on demand by ZEE Storage.
  13. I/We have completed and signed the ZEE Storage rental understanding and all the details are correct.